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Learn how to take up to $22,500 p/year from your business while still claiming a tax deduction
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Our Business Advisory system provides you with support, control, and clarity so you can get the most from your business and enjoy the journey.

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Our Accounting Philosophy

Welcome to BVB, where our aim is to provide top-notch accounting services for Auckland businesses. Established and managed by Brayden Van t Veen, we offer all types of accountant services. BVB capitalises on Brayden’s experience starting, owning and running businesses. This helps us in ensuring a highly personalised customer experience. 
We reject one-size-fits-all solutions and focus on bespoke accounting and bookkeeping services. From tax and compliance to accounting advisory, we offer everything your company needs. We provide accountancy solutions for businesses that go beyond general tax accounting. 

Your Local Auckland Accountants

Our Auckland accountants present management solutions that benefit you. You’ll have a dedicated accountant for your company. Our operational accounting will ensure the smooth running of your company. This value-based approach carries the further benefit of lowering your monthly costs.
At BVB, Auckland businesses enjoy unique insights typically only available to large companies. We ensure your company is tax compliant and legal. However, we also focus on what you need. We specifically tailor our precise accounting and bookkeeping services to your business. This ensures you benefit from our accountancy firm while receiving constructive information. 

Bespoke Accounting Advisor

We help improve and control your budget and business to ensure your company thrives. Annual accounts have never been this easy. This leaves you time to actually focus on enjoying what matters most to you and your work. You decide which aspect of the accountancy business is suitable for your company, whether it’s general year-end accounting or bookkeeping, to business growth services.
We identify and acquire key resources and help you guide your company in the right direction. Our profitability analysis looks at your cash flow and provides customised accounting solutions. We care about your business and make sure you receive the fruits of your labour at affordable prices. There’s no more need to sit for long hours at your desk when you can be spending time with your family. 

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"Business Development helped us maximise our profit by determining our optimum operating capacity"

"The accounting methods introduced to me has really helped my business succeed"

"Having someone that understands business as well as accounting really helped us improve our cashflow"

"Tax planning has been amazing, we can't believe how helpful it has been to actually sit down and look at this, not to mention the money we saved!

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use BVB accounting?

We specialise in Bespoke Accounting services. We don't like to shoebox our customers into accounting packages that suit everyone and no-one. We also do not just provide year end accounting services, we believe that your year end accounting fees are just another tax on business. So we add value to your business throughout the year, we do this through our specific management accounting techniques. Our tax planning strategies also add great value to our services while we try to offset your accounting fees as much as possible.

What about my old accountant?

Out of courtesy, you may notify your accountant about the change personally. However we will handle this on your behalf, and provide all the necessary formalities to assist in the transfer of the information held. Your old accountant is obligated to provide us with all the necessary documents and records of your financial information. We also notify the IRD and Companies office of the changes. We do not charge for this service and it is really very rare to receive any fee from the old accountant.
It is a very easy process and one that we are particularly skilled in. We absorb your information quickly to provide a seamless transition so your business can pick up immediately from where it left off.

Do you work with Xero?

Yes we have worked with Xero for over 12 years and are a Xero Partner but more importantly all of our accountants are fully certified Xero advisors. We believe Xero has made a huge positive impact on accounting in New Zealand. It is very user friendly, and when set up correctly, and kept up to date it will drastically reduce your end of year accounting costs.

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