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We understand that not all businesses are the same. Our Auckland accounting services evolve alongside our business partners to suit their specific needs in time. We work hard to understand the businesses we work with so our services remain flexible and high value. We strive to build business partnerships in Auckland that last.

Whether you are looking to increase revenue, reduce tax, or control your costs, we are your local Auckland accounting firm that will work with you to identify the best solutions.

Auckland Accounting
Auckland Accounting

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Our areas of expertise.

Auckland Accounting

Business Design

Virtual CFO

Strategic Development

Customer Experience

Auckland Accounting


Tax Strategy

Management Accounting


Auckland Accounting



Unique Service offering

Business Advisory

Auckland Accounting


Strategic Planning

Key Performance Indicators

Cashflow Management

Key Accounting Areas

BVB Tax and Compliance

Tax and Compliance

Our Auckland accounting services help our clients with their tax and compliance requirements. Our system will help you stay on top of your taxes and make the most of every dollar you earn.
BVB Tax and Compliance


Our bookkeeping service will help you maintain up to date financial records. We help Auckland businesses take care of their administration, payroll, receivables, payables, tax and reporting. Anything to help your business run efficiently.
BVB Tax and Compliance

Business Advisory

We help businesses develop strategies and roadmaps to consistently hit financial targets. We use sound business principles which are creative and unique to your business. Work with an experienced accounting advisor to identify, fill gaps and develop workable systems for your business.

Your Auckland Accounting Partners.

Auckland Accounting

About Us

We offer our clients bespoke accounting services and help develop and implement core financial and operational structures within their business. This structure gives us the leavers we need to drive the business successfully into the future.

Keeping up with the day to day financial administration of your business can be endless. As your local Auckland accountant we can help you with all your accounting needs so you can get back to what you do best.

Industry Experience
Our background is in business ownership so we see business from the owners point of view, this insight gives us the ability to arrange an accounting system that suits your business.

Business Development
Working with us gives the business a holistic approach to its management, operations, finance and taxes. Having these different areas of the business align is essential as the business grows.

Auckland Accounting

Working with us

Communication is key, because of our experience we speak language that you understand. No jargon just straight to the point.

You call us at anytime, we don't want you to just wait for "tax time" if you have a question let us know and we will answer it straight away. We are your accountant, so use us!

Our pricing is transparent, all of our fees are quoted and most often split over the course of the fiscal year.

Although we provide accounting services to businesses across New Zealand we are based in Auckland. Being based in Auckland gives us the flexibility to meet in person or via Zoom.

Auckland Accounting

Spotlight on Business Advisory

Our Accounting Advisory Services help Auckland businesses achieve their financial goals
Having started and run multiple business out of and inside Auckland for over 10 years we understand the pressure and loneliness at the top and the difficulties / importance of managing your work, life and financial balance. We ensure we create a strong relationship with the business owners we work with, and only develop a plan once we have a full understanding of what makes a business different.

Most Auckland business owners are aware that different types of accounting serve various purposes. While financial accounting deals with tax, compliance, and year end financial reporting. It is management accounting that involves your business’s day-to-day operations, providing insights to give you a perspective that can help you with planning and operational strategies.

Finding the right personalised solutions is absolutely necessary when maximising the usefulness of Management Accounting. To optimise your company’s growth, you need solutions specific to your company’s vision, plans and goals. A reliable Auckland accounting advisor with business experience can offer the solutions that can fill this gap for you. And it is the experience in the ownership of a business that is the key requirement.

Accounting Firm in Auckland

Start your BVB Accounting journey with a free consultation. Let's identify how we can best help your business. At BVB we are here to help you achieve your business goals with smart, value efficient accounting.

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What about my old accountant?

We know changing accountants is a big decision. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly and understanding of our clients needs. 

After an initial consultation we can help you manage the transition. Your old accountant is legally obliged to pass on all previous financial records. 

How much does our accounting services cost? 

An accountant’s fees vary depending on the particular need of each business. At BVB accounting we pride ourselves on fair and transparent pricing. We offer our 3 core accounting services as standalones or can work with you to find a custom solution.

Do I need an accountant all year round? 

An accountant should provide more value than annual accounts. If 100% of your accounting budget is going towards end of year accounts, tax and compliance then it's time to reset your accounting system. A good accounting system should provide tax and compliance as well as useful business intelligence throughout the year. As a minimum, businesses should be spending a minimum of 50% of their accounting budget on services that help them throughout the year.

We love meeting new

people and helping them.

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