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Rental Property Accounting Services in New Zealand

Rental Property Accounting Services in New Zealand

As your accountant for your rental property we can help you prepare your tax returns if you own one or more rental properties in New Zealand.

Our accounting team consists of accountants who own rental properties and properties that are actively rented out... this allows us to assist you better as we have experienced it and have the knowledge to guide you!

What you need to think about for your return:

·       Rental properties income

·       Properties purchased or sold throughout the year

·       Home Office Expenses

·       Mortgage expenses and transactions

·       Renovations

Additionally, you may be able to claim the following expenses:

·       Accounting Fees

·       Administration

·       Advertising

·       Bank Fees

·       Body Corporate Levies

·       Insurances

·       Legal Fees

·       Lawns / Gardens

·       Management Fees

·       Rates

·       Repairs & Maintenance (please attach details or invoices)

·       Power

·       Tools & Equipment

·       Travel / Accommodation

·       Vehicle Kilometres Travelled

·       Water Charges

How can we help you?

At BVB Managerial Accountant we have a comprehensive understanding of rental property businesses. We ensure the correct structure of your business is in place, e.g. a corporation, a trust, or in your own name and ensure you are getting the most profit out of your rental properties by making sure your tax deductions are as high as possible.


Please contact us now if we can help you with your rental property.

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