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Business Advisory

We provide advisory accounting services to ambitious businesses in Auckland, New Zealand.

We enjoy the challenge imposed by each new business we come across. As your accounting advisor we adapt and create strategies to fit each unique business. Our advisory services have helped great businesses become even better.

We can help assess your business needs with a free consultation.

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Our Accounting Advisory Services help Auckland businesses achieve their financial goals

Having started and run multiple business for over 10 years we understand the pressure and loneliness at the top and the difficulties / importance of managing your work, life and financial balance. We ensure we create a strong relationship with the business owners we work with, and only develop a plan once we have a full understanding of what makes a business different.

The average business owner may not be aware that different types of accounting serve various purposes. While financial accounting deals with tax, compliance, and year end financial reporting. It is management accounting that involves your business’s day-to-day operations, providing insights to give you a perspective that can help you with planning and operational strategies.

Yet personalised solutions are not always easy to source from a standard accountancy business. It’s unlikely that most companies have a specialised accounting advisor as a part of their team. To optimise your company’s growth, you need solutions specific to your company’s vision, plans and goals. A reliable accounting advisor with business experience can offer the solutions that can fill this gap for you.

About Us
Business Advisory


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Construction Accounting
Without a clear perspective of your businesses operations and finances, it's easy to make costly mistakes in your business plans. Having sound accounting systems in place, all the information you need will be right at your fingertips.

The effective planning that comes as a byproduct of working with a professional business accounting advisor means you can quickly identify your company performance and clearly map your direction.


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Construction Accounting
Budgeting goes hand-in-hand with planning. Once you know where you're headed, you'll be in a strong position to know what resources, both operational and financial, you'll need to help your company succeed.

We help you identify the key resources needed to guide your businesses growth.

By analysing your company's cashflow and operational output, we can identify any possible bottlenecks or restraints. This can further help optimise the companies performance. These are all crucial steps to ensure your business structure supports the companies progress rather than causing it to stagnate.

Creating the link between the business operations and financials is the most effective way to give you control over your business.

Virtual CFO

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Construction Accounting
The role of your Virtual CFO, or VCFO, is to deliver a profit focused financial structure for your business.

Firstly we are the architects of this financial structure, with your input we design the system required specifically tailored to your organisation.

We then work from within your organisation to implement this structure with the individuals involved.

This role is open ended, and we provide continued support to improve this financial structure, while offering key financial reports, analysis, and actionable targets for the business, and the business owner.

A well designed and implemented financial structure covers everything from company goals, planning and budgeting. To Operational reporting structure, information / company division responsibilities and implementation, and financial reporting structure.

Why use BVB's business advisory services?

Knowledge and Experience

BVB combines the knowledge and experience of owning and managing businesses with specialist accounting techniques. Fill in the gaps of your business with expert advice.


We understand that not all businesses are the same. We tailor our business advisory services to meet your goals and needs. We work hard to understand and deliver quality accounting advice to our business partners.

Business Advisory

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How can our Business Advisory services help your business

Whether a company has a specific restraint, or is lacking a formal structure, or just wants to do better, our accounting techniques help implement sound business principles which are creative and unique to your business. We can help with:

Cashflow Restrictions

We can help you with cashflow restrictions through our root cause analysis. We have an in depth look at what is causing the cashflow issue and how we can work towards alleviating the problem.

Operating Capacity

Identifying your businesses current, maximum and optimal operating capacity. Then designing a financial structure that gives you control over the operational inputs to your business that will allow you to hit these capacity targets.

Profit Maximisation

Work on profit maximisation, using microeconomics that gives your business operating leverage in the market place.

Develop Streamlined Business Structures

Develop and implement workable systems and structures, anything from a marketing system or company incentive programes to inventory management and reporting responsibilities.
We can help you achieve this quickly and efficiently. BVB Managerial Accounting exists to do the hard bespoke accounting work that other accountants don't want. Our advisory services can help identify how to advance your business from its current position and continue to grow into the future. We consider ourselves part of our customer's team. BVB itself was formed from a history of business ownership, giving us a unique perspective on the needs of our clients businesses.
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What our clients say

Testimonials for our accounting services

We had a great experience working BVB Accounting, their response time was excellent and they provided a very professional service.

Great accountant you can always rely on, everything is always done on time and when promised. Recommend to others!

Awsome to have an accounting firm understand my business in a way that they could actually make helpful suggestions.

These guys are great to work with, very relatable to my situation and offered some great advice!

Construction Accounting
Construction Accounting

Frequently asked questions

What Services does a Business Advisor Provide?

A business advisor will meet with you on a regular basis to provide holistic advice on how to improve your financial performance. This can include providing cloud accounting solutions, virtual CFO, cashflow management, operational reporting and all areas regarding financial performance. Book a free consultation with an advisory expert to get a tailored report.

When should I hire a business advisor?

A company should hire a business advisory consultant when they lack the in-house expertise to design, create, and manage a professional financial and accounting operating system. This system should provide consistent reliable information on the business that can be used to make informed management decisions. A business advisor can also provide a useful second opinion when interpreting these reports.

Do you work with Xero?

Yes we have worked with Xero for over 12 years and are a Xero Partner but more importantly all of our accountants are fully certified Xero advisors. We believe Xero has made a huge positive impact on accounting in New Zealand. It is very user friendly, and when set up correctly, and kept up to date it will drastically reduce your end of year accounting costs.

Xero and BVB AccountingBVB Accounting - Xero Advisor