Construction Accounting

Construction Accounting for Business Owners

We are an accounting firm that has been helping construction businesses across Auckland and New Zealand.

The Construction sector is a major part of New Zealand's economy and having an accountant that has knowledge and experience in this industry just makes sense.

We can help assess your businesses needs with a free consultation.
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Business Advisory

We help advise construction businesses on a variety of aspects within their business. Cashflow management, strategic planning, goals and roadmaps and much more.
We use sound accounting practices to help forecast future earnings, offset risk and manage construction projects to ensure you are maximising your earnings potential.


Our bookkeeping services for construction companies help manage day to day finances.

We help businesses take care of their administration, payroll, receivables, payables, tax and reporting requirements.

Tax and Compliance

We help construction business optimise their accounts for maximal Tax Efficiency. Having worked with many construction businesses we understand how to efficiently streamline your tax filing.

Tax Efficiency means to maximise the money you earn / keep against the amount of tax you pay.

We help construction companies hit their financial goals - We are construction accounting experts

We work across a diverse range of construction sectors, providing bespoke accounting expertise to a variety of construction businesses. Let us help you reach your financial goals.


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Construction Accounting
Our construction accounting services combine our experience in the construction industry with the best accounting techniques for your building company. We focus on delivering a high quality, usable and tax efficient accounting system to all of our clients.

We offer a complete wrap around accounting service including Tax and Compliance, Management accounting, Virtual CFO and Advisory, Bookkeeping and back office support.


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Construction Accounting
We help plumbers and plumbing businesses maintain an efficient accounting system. We offer tax and compliance, back office and advisory accounting services with an understanding of how the challenges of running a construction business.


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Construction Accounting
We provide accounting solutions for electricians and electrical businesses. We can help you maintain your bookkeeping, file your end of year tax returns, or provide bespoke accounting solutions for more complex operations.

Property Developers

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Construction Accounting
Our background in the construction industry gives us a unique point of view when it comes to understanding our clients business. This understanding provides Property Developers a dependable accounting system while revealing unique insights into their business.

We provide these unique insights through our management accounting reports.


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Construction Accounting
We enjoy working with a range of businesses operating in the construction sector. We can apply our knowledge of accounting for construction business to every business working in this field and believe in provide high value zero sum accounting services.

Our Core Accounting Services

Tax and Compliance

The cost of filing your year end financial statements is another tax indirectly imposed on all businesses. We want to help you reduce these costs.
Pay yor fair share with our tax efficient accounting analysis
Ensure you are compliant and up to date with your obligations


It is absolutely critical that businesses have up to date and accurate information monthly, if not weekly.

Our bookkeeping services helps businesses take care of their administration, payroll, receivables, payables, tax and reporting. Anything we can help with to keep your businesses up to date and running efficiently.
Have you accounts and back office reporting always up to date
Save your time and let an expert help streamline your operations

Business Advisory

We enjoy the challenge imposed by each new business we come across.

Adapting and creating strategies to fit each unique business is tough but rewarding, and doing this with a range of people we like working with and who own great businesses, this is the best.
Have a sound financial strategy to achieve your goals
Leverage accounting to maximise your financial gains

Why have a dedicated construction accountant?

A dedicated construction accountant can help you manage the complexities of owning and operating a construction business. We can help mitigate against cashflow traps with robust accounting systems/ We provide expert accounting knowledge to save you time and boost your efficiency.
Why have a dedicated construction accountant

Construction Accounting

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What our clients say

Testimonials for our construction accounting services

We had a great experience working BVB Accounting, their response time was excellent and they provided a very professional service.

Great accountant you can always rely on, everything is always done on time and when promised. Recommend to others!

Awsome to have an accounting firm understand my business in a way that they could actually make helpful suggestions.

These guys are great to work with, very relatable to my situation and offered some great advice!

Construction Accounting
Construction Accounting

Our construction accounting expertise will help you make more money, achieve your financial goals today.

We offer a free consultation to assess your business needs. Whether it is for bookkeeping, tax and compliance, business advisory and virtual CFO or just some one off business advice, please reach out and let us know how we can help.
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