Management Accounting

Management Accounting

An agile business will have the latest information at hand to dial up or down, adjust or pivot at the soonest possible moment. Management Accounting provides the information that allows for this type of decisive decision making.

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BVB Management Accounting Services

Management Accounting

Our management accounting services help managers analyse a company's resources, costs, and profits. We also assist with creating bespoke financial reports and other operational reports that help a company stay agile within its competitive market place. Management accountants carry out their duties using statistical analysis and forecasting of data by using a wide variety of techniques.

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Decision Making: Effective decision making efforts can help a manager identify customer needs, plan production activities and services, predict customer demand for a product or service, and measure performance in terms of cost and customer satisfaction.
Controlling: Customer service aims to maintain the quality of products or services offered to customers. Managing many businesses can be a challenge. BVB's strategic management accounting provides planning and accounting services to help companies achieve their goals.

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Management Accounting

Our management accountants present management solutions that benefit you. Our operational accounting will ensure the smooth running of your company. This value-based approach carries the further benefit of lowering your monthly costs.

We believe in straightforward and reliable accounting services. And have produced a comprehensive understanding around how Management Accounting can tangibly help businesses.

Utilisation: Key Resources

All businesses have key resources that will have an optimum level of operation. Keeping in mind the law of diminishing returns we need modelling that shows us the businesses efficiency at various levels of operating capacity. We have the experience and expertise to apply these models to all types of businesses and have found their impact immeasurable.

Framework: Internal Controls

Management accounting enables businesses to grow or change with their customers' demands. The company can grow the business by increasing or decreasing the activities that generate income. Working on how your business manages its supply and demand economic model will provide the direction in which the drivers need to move.

Profitability: Cashflow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. It allows you to deal with unexpected expenses and cope with seasonal fluctuations in sales. A cash flow analysis assists business owners in getting to the root cause of any issues or bottlenecks. Cash flow is a key measure into the financial status of your business.

Cash is King

We also incorporate the basics Cashflow Management into our Management Accounting services, these basics are essential for all businesses.

Annual Forecast

Cash flow, is cash movements in to and out of your company and cash flow problems come from a variability of those inputs and outputs. This variability can come from slow payers, over spending etc. and a good system around your debtors and expenditure is essential. Having an annual forecast is generally considered a basic first step in business planning. Our Annual forecasts cover,

- Monthly Revenue and Expense
- Non-financial drivers and Capacity calculations
- Fixed and Variable Metrics
- Breakeven goals

Cashflow Budget

A budget needs to be accurate and have minimal administrative input. We provide weekly budgets that help you manage your cashflow.

- Budgeted weekly expenses
- Improves clarity
- Predicts cashflow cycles

The second cause of an inability to pay creditors on time is your Cash Surplus. This gets overlooked when to much attention is paid to Net Profit and the Income Statement. Also, Income Variability again plays a big role in your Cash Surplus.

Its critical to know what the root causes of any problems might be so we can actually improve the business. Its fairly simple to perform a quick analysis on a companies cash position if the accounts are accurate. and forecast your cashflow.

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Our Values

Quality, professionalism and efficiency
Adaptability to the specifics of your business
High value delivery

Management Accounting for construction businesses

Our construction accounting services combine our experience in the construction industry with the best management accounting techniques for your building company. We focus on delivering a high quality, usable and tax efficient accounting system to all of our clients.

We offer a complete wrap around accounting service including Tax and Compliance, Management accounting, Virtual CFO and Advisory, Bookkeeping and back office support.

Construction Accounting

Bookkeeping for rental properties

At BVB managerial accounting we can help you manage your rental property accounts and books. We have a comprehensive understanding of the rental property business being rental home owners ourselves. Stay on top of your tax returns and ensure you are getting the most profit out of your rental property.

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Management Accounting

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use BVB accounting?

We specialise in Bespoke Accounting services. We don't like to shoebox our customers into accounting packages that suit everyone and no-one. We also do not just provide year end accounting services, we believe that your year end accounting fees are just another tax on business. So we add value to your business throughout the year, we do this through our specific management accounting techniques. Our tax planning strategies also add great value to our services while we try to offset your accounting fees as much as possible.

What about my old accountant?

Out of courtesy, you may notify your accountant about the change personally. However we will handle this on your behalf, and provide all the necessary formalities to assist in the transfer of the information held. Your old accountant is obligated to provide us with all the necessary documents and records of your financial information. We also notify the IRD and Companies office of the changes. We do not charge for this service and it is really very rare to receive any fee from the old accountant.
It is a very easy process and one that we are particularly skilled in. We absorb your information quickly to provide a seamless transition so your business can pick up immediately from where it left off.

Do you work with Xero?

Yes we have worked with Xero for over 12 years and are a Xero Partner but more importantly all of our accountants are fully certified Xero advisors. We believe Xero has made a huge positive impact on accounting in New Zealand. It is very user friendly, and when set up correctly, and kept up to date it will drastically reduce your end of year accounting costs.

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